What Customers of Home Solar Are Saying

People are experiencing the benefits of going solar, and they can’t stop talking about it. Below, you can read what our customers have to say about Home Solar installation.


“Not only are you helping your pocket, but you’re helping the environment.”



“At the beginning I was a little skeptical…but after having [solar] for while, I started to realize that nothing has changed for me other than the fact that I am paying less for my electricity!”



Home Solar Customer in Leonardo, NJ

“It was a very seamless process. It was explained very well…. The cost was literally $0 out of my own pocket. The permits were handled by Home Solar – all of the installation. And in summary, I’m now reaping the benefits…. Not only are you helping your pocket, but you’re helping the environment.”

Terry C.

Home Solar Customer in Shark River Hills, NJ

“Home Solar was a win-win situation. I’m actually helping the environment and saving money.”

Carl Krohn

Home Solar Customer in Morristown, NJ

“If I could fill my backyard with solar, I would. That’s how much I love it.”


Home Solar Customer

“On a monthly basis, I save about $300.”

Amanda L.

Home Solar Customer in Worcester, MA

“We had several solar companies come to our home to provide quotes… Home Solar made the process so easy! Going with a solar roof is the best home improvement we completed.”

Champ G.

Home Solar Customer in Plattsburgh, NY

“Having a brother who lives in California, I was well aware of the electricity problem we have in our country. Frankly, the opportunity to go solar without a major investment was a great surprise.”

Joyce P.

Home Solar Customer in Elmira, NY

“Solar gave me a chance to take control of my own power. I am happy to say, I know exactly how much my energy will cost now and over the next two decades!”

JoAnne G.

Home Solar Customer in Manasquan, NJ

“My husband and I were nervous about going solar… The bottom line became, we couldn’t find a reason NOT to go solar. Boy, are we happy we went ahead.”

Joe N.

Home Solar Customer in Sea Girt, NJ

“I am happy I was able to put a solar system on our home for $0 out of pocket. I am confident that when we market our home, the system will be an asset for the sale.”


Home Solar Customer in Haverhill, MA

“Home Solar made going solar easy! They made it easy and affordable. If you have a good house, then this is an easy decision.”

Marty V.

Home Solar Customer in Garden City, NY

“So excited to get my new solar system on my house. $0 out of pocket, and I am getting cheaper electric for the next 20 years!”

Morris Issac

Home Solar Customer in Woodbridge, NJ

“At the beginning I was a little skeptical…but after having [solar] for while, I started to realize that nothing has changed for me other than the fact that I am paying less for my electricity!”

It was really Jay who made the difference. He was honest and smart and was not afraid to say he needed to get back to us if he did not know the answer to a question. We also wanted Sun Power due to potential warranty issues with less credit-worthy companies.

I will recommend you to everyone interested. We really appreciate the work your team did as well – the installation guys were great.


The installation was performed in a timely and professional manner with particular attention given to safety, attention to detail and with the care of my landscaping in mind. They even carefully trimmed a shrub that was to close to the location where the inverter was to be installed on the side of my house. The installation Project Manager made sure I was aware of when the installers were to be on site and when Progress Energy was to perform the disconnection and re-connection of electrical service to my home. The installers were always promptly at my house at the scheduled time. They answered my questions and explained what they were doing during the installation process. Finally, Solar Solutions has kept in contact after the installation to insure that I continue to be satisfied. Interestingly, Solar Solutions has the ability, as do I, to monitor the solar production of my system to insure its proper functioning. I think they monitor what is going on with my system better than I do! I made the right decision by selecting Solar Solutions and I highly recommend, their products, services and employees.


My neighbor was having Solar Solutions install their solar system, and I started thinking about it for myself. I went over and watched the installation crew for a while and that made my decision, watching how they worked. I made a point of telling the owner, what a great crew he has.


The contrast between the roofing company that installed our new roof and the Solar Solutions solar installers was night and day. The Solar Solutions Project Manager checked in with us each morning to let us know what they were going to do that day, and checked out when they were done to let us know what they were going to do the next day. They cleaned up without being asked. In considering solar, we went to a home show, talked to three companies, but in the end, we wanted to do business with someone we trusted, and Solar Solutions was it.


I will always have great things to say about all aspects of your company. I was impressed right from the beginning with the thoroughness of Stew’s customized proposal brochures, loaded with information to help us make the right decision. I am really glad we went with Solar Solutions.

Tom and I would be delighted to be a reference for Solar Solutions! The bottom line with our system is … we’ve produced 4.56 MWhrs since we went on line October 21, 2011. We have a system rated at 4.93 KW with an estimated yearly output of 5.13 MWhrs. I think that’s a very good estimate and we’re right on target. We are thoroughly enjoying our new solar system!

Thank you for your wonderful service!

Malerie & Tom

“Our PV system has been online for three months and the results have exceeded my expectations! Stew has continued to monitor our system and respond to any follow-up questions that I have had.”


Steve and I had a terrific experience with Solar Solutions. From the moment of our first inquiry, to turning the system ‘on,’ it has been smooth sailing. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Solar Solutions team. They were professional, responsive, very knowledgeable about your products, services and our chosen system, extremely competent, and a pleasure to do business with.

We’re thrilled with our system and love the look of the panels. We’re trying to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, and are delighted that Solar Solutions is here.

Gabi & Steve

We met Mr. King at the State Fair where we were volunteering for GreenPower (and he won a pencil!) The Kings had been remodeling and considering solar for a while.  They got two “different but vague” estimates from other installers.  When our Energy Specialist made a site visit, they were surprised how complete his calculations were and the subsequent communication and responsiveness convinced them to do business with Solar Solutions.  The 6.0 kW system installation, says Mr. King, “ranks superior– the way you would wish all to be.

Mr. King

I quickly felt like I was the most important client with regular but not pushy communications.  I worked with the president of the company and felt he was a true partner.  Solar Solutions took over the implementation and exceeded my expectations.  The project delivery team was first rate in every aspect.  They were flexible, always brought everything with them they needed and cleaned the site thoroughly every day.  If you are considering a major investment in solar, Solar Solutions should be on your final list.  I almost forgot to mention my system cost was 20% less than the friend I was comparing notes with, so you can have a great service provider and a great price too.


I have to say this whole process has been a lot of fun for me. Honestly I knew you were the right team after my first phone call, when the owner picked up and had a chat with me, rather than some answering service. Before I called you, I figured I knew enough to at least have an intelligent conversation about it. Chris and Matt brought me to the point where I feel like I could teach a class. The installers, Rob and Chad, are top notch. You’re very lucky to have them. They don’t cut corners, and my radiant barrier looks great, too. We couldn’t be more proud of our system and we sincerely thank you for making us greener. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Gabe Miller





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